The Next Generation In Project Delivery.



When a company has a history of satisfied customers usually the employees are equally satisfied. At RIB U.S.COST our staff shares a common culture in how we serve the construction industry with innovative methods. We achieve high customer satisfaction by assisting them with the ‘a-to-z’ world of project delivery. Our people are technically diverse and fill many roles necessary to exceed client expectations.



Standards, best practices, and innovative techniques for each role create the sustainable process we advocate and implement. The new project delivery paradigm emphasizes use of intelligent object data to form a virtual process into the physical result. With our people and process, RIB U.S.COST applies proven methods and standards to bring your business the advantages of a digitized construction lifecycle process.



Our platform redefines the Project Team and their purpose to focus on improving asset performance. iTWO is the only end-to-end 5D enterprise platform with the power and flexibility to manage your construction portfolio from planning through commissioning. Developed in collaboration with construction industry leaders, iTWO allows you to implement tomorrow’s project delivery methods and standards today.




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