Capital Group Companies, Inc. acquires approx. two million shares in RIB Software AG

Stuttgart, Germany, 26 March, 2014.  Individual Funds managed by affiliates of The Capital Group Companies, Inc. (USA), acquired approximately two million shares (approximately 5.19 %) in RIB Software AG.

The shares were acquired from the members of the management and from significant shareholders of RIB Software AG, each of whom decreased their shareholding in the Company by 10 % to facilitate the acquisition.

The Capital Group Companies, Inc., (USA) is an investment management organization  based in California. The Capital Group is one of the most well-known global investors  with around 1 trillion USD under management.

Thomas Wolf, Chairman of the Management Board (CEO) of RIB Software AG, who continues to hold more than 30 % of the shares in the Company: “I met Capital Group and SVP Larry Solomon, in San Francisco and shared the RIB vision. I could feel, we could be “running together” and revolutionize with our iTWO BIG DATA Platform Technology the global construction industry to become one of the most advanced industries on our planet and to reach the next generation of living. Therefore I welcome the famous Capital Group and its top management from the Bay Area and LA as a new investor”.

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