iTWO-Arrow-Logo_RGB_BlueRIB’s iTWO is the present and the future in planning, estimating, cost management and project controls. It complements the sector‘s traditional processes with an interactive, model-based graphic process that links planning and construction from end to end.


Why the construction industry is ready for a change

Why Construction Industry 01Traditional methods and processes evolved using numerous tools that have distorted the collective whole of project delivery. This has resulted in a project delivery process that does not effectively support the investment or capitalization phase of the asset. Complex processes with numerous roles within silos create inefficiencies, making it challenging for project team members to effectively communicate and share knowledge.


Why Construction Industry 02With iTWO 5D Software the Project Team can be empowered to be effective in making the project great. You will actually have time for project analysis, effective communications, and collaboration with all stakeholders.



Single Source of Truth.

Single Source of Truth 01RIB iTWO gives you the capability to enhance and optimize your current business process and operate as a synchronized team within a model-based management system. According to leading clients, consistent real-time data available to all users is crucial for project expedience. RIB iTWO gives you the security of user profiles for specific project roles, as well as the reliability of current information available when you need it most. RIB iTWO was developed from the start in collaboration with customers and experts in the construction and engineering industry who understand what is required to optimize the project lifecycle.


Let’s visualize.

Lets Visualize 01Concepts and ideas are the start of all good things. With 3D design modeling data flowing into iTWO software, virtual can transform into physical to build great things. iTWO is an interactive 5D model that lets you track the geometric, resource, and process planning data for your projects. Our Construction Process Integration (CPI) Technology creates the optimal 5D capability from planning and design through construction completion.

Key benefits increase ROI.

Key Benefits 01Virtual design is the basis for innovation and competitive advantages in the construction industry. With RIB iTWO’s virtual design integration, your plant, highway, laboratory, airport, or space station can also benefit from considerable time and cost savings in implementing your projects. The relevant model information is available to the design team, estimators, planners, engineers, and the executing team in every phase. The new CPI technology automates the heavy lifting efforts in all pre-construction, contracting, project management, and resource controlling steps of the project delivery lifecycle. More smart analysis and fluid collaboration allow the project team to improve the sustainable result.


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