Market entry in 6D Big Data Technology

Stuttgart, Germany, 30 July 2014. RIB AG proudly announces the completion of the acquisition of the Cloud (SaaS) Software Company Byggeweb A/S trading as Docia outside Scandinavia.

Docia is Scandinavia’s leading provider of cloud based collaboration software within Project-Management (PM) and Facility-Management (6D). However, as Docia’s collaborative applications are being utilised in several other industries e.g. infrastructure, transportation and offshore. The Company currently has 7,000 customers and 110,000 users across 20 countries globally, conducting more than 850 construction projects simultaneously.

Docia is a fast growing cloud software company with a strong team, strong growth and high potential. Docia is a well-established player in a fast developing cloud software market that is expected to gain further traction in the next years. Docia has secured contracts to provide online Project Management and Facility Management solutions for a significant part of the construction projects in Scandinavia and UK, along with projects globally e.g. Middle-East, US, Asia and Europe.

Integrating Docia’s innovative cloud based Project- and Facility-Management platform within the iTWO 5D Big Data technology will have again a fundamental influence on the thinking and actions in the global construction market. Just as RIB introduced the iTWO 5D Big Data platform as a work community in which all partners involved in the construction are jointly cooperating on an integrated, model-based platform, iTWO will now be developed further to a 6D Big Data Platform supporting model-based Facility Management processes as well. The cooperative goal is to plan the construction projects with regard to quality, time, and cost for investment and maintenance at a virtual level before starting with the actual building work and to support the usage of a building after its completion on an end-to-end basis in the cloud.

Dr. Hans-Peter Sanio, CTO of RIB Software AG: “With our iTWO 6D Big Data cloud platform our customers are able to handle Project- and Facility Management processes online and make decisions in real time. The access to the data and their processing takes place via desktop applications in the browser or over mobile apps such as our iTWO 6D Control Tower app for project and maintenance controlling or Docia’s Quick capture app to record onsite defects for quality assurance and inspections on smartphones and tablets.”

Thomas Wolf, Chairman and CEO of RIB Software AG: “The iTWO 6D Big Data cloud platform is no longer a topic for the future, but rather the state of the art. 6D cloud computing forms a new major global trend within the construction market. According to a survey conducted by the United Nations, the number of Internet users around the globe increased 11% to 2.3 billion in the year 2013. Based on a construction share of 13.4% in the global GDP, we therefore postulate a global potential of several 100 million users for construction-specific 6D Big Data applications in the cloud. With our iTWO 6D cloud platform, we want to further expand our market-leading position in the construction segment in this area.”

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