RIB Software AG: Strategic Acquisition of U.S. COST, Atlanta, Georgia

RIB AG integrates 5D BIM ERP Technology “iTWO” into leading American software solutions

Stuttgart, DE/Atlanta, GA. RIB Software AG announced today the strategic acquisition of the controlling interest of U.S.COST (http://www.uscost.com). The companies have not disclosed the purchase price. Like RIB, U.S.COST is one of the leading technology companies in the software and consulting markets of the global construction sector. The head office is located in Atlanta, GA. Further U.S. COST subsidiaries are in New York, Los Angeles, Arlington, VA, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, San Diego and Orlando. While RIB’s September 2012 acquisition MC² from Memphis focuses on top 1000 american contractors, U.S.COST focuses on the american owners, architects and engineers. U.S.COST has successfully delivered the software and consulting services for thousands of large american construction projects.

The acquisition is part of the RIB Software AG’s strategy to integrate the RIB 5D BIM ERP Technology “iTWO” into leading american software solutions, to win top management and extensive client networks and to be a leading player in the ongoing consolidation process in this sector.

With the acquisition RIB Group increases its international global consulting and project management capacity by 200%.

Thomas Wolf, CEO of RIB: the second acquisition of a leading american player will position RIB and our 5D brand “ITWO” in a leading american market position in 2013. The american market is the biggest construction market by US dollars in the world, and the most important market for leading IT companies. With the acquisition of U.S.COST, RIB has reached the same team size in the US as in Europe and Asia and can be considered as a significant global player.

The RIB Group

With over 15,000 customers, the RIB Group is a global leading provider of 5D end-to-end enterprise solutions for the construction industry.

Founded in 1961 and headquartered in Stuttgart, RIB has become a market leader in Germany. The world’s largest construction companies, the public sector, architectural offices and engineering companies as well as key accounts in the process industries all around the globe use RIB’s software systems to optimize their engineering and construction processes.

RIB has its own sales and service offices in EMEA, North America and APAC.

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